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International news journalist

Hello!  I'm a London-based journalist focused on international news and politics.  I'm currently a Senior Producer at CNN Digital where I lead the international coverage and strategy for the Global Video Programming team.  We edit, produce and program news for millions of users every day and I develop strategy to build our digital audiences.

In other lives I've been an English teacher in Hong Kong, worked on a congressional campaign in Boston and once tried to serve Paul McCartney a miniature hot dog while dressed as Marilyn Monroe. 

I have an MS from Columbia Journalism School and an MA in History from the University of Edinburgh.  I also spent a year on an international exchange at the University of Virginia. 


You can reach me at augusta.anthony at cnn dot com

Please get in touch, I'm always open to new challenges and adventures.


Photo by Reuters

Artwork by ©Katy Stubbs

I'm an experienced writer and editor as well as a video, audio and digital producer. I've reported from three continents, covering multiple elections, mass shootings, global unrest, a ground war in Europe, terrorism, crime and a pandemic.   

As a reporter, I worked in CNN's New York bureau, covering high profile stories for TV, reporting news wires and writing digital stories -- not to mention stalking Donald Trump's former lawyer around the Upper East Side of Manhattan (see photo above!).


As an investigative journalist, I spent two and a half years as a researcher and reporting assistant on an upcoming book about US intelligence in the Middle East.  


As an audio producer, I worked on The Economist's daily news podcast and wrote and reported a 30-minute audio documentary about the effect of immigration status and national politics on the mental health of undocumented immigrants.


As a writer, I've interviewed Proud Boys, priests, imams and ambassadors, written about money saving for The Times of London and wrote this long-form feature about religious spaces in Jerusalem.

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